Rank is based on job category, job responsibility, job value, staff ability and performance level set system;

Rank is an important channel of employee occupation development, employees with the increase of personal ability and improve the performance, responsibility, promotion can obtain the rank of position.

The strength of the professional staff, regardless of management positions, still have a "future" and "money"

The company through the post competition system, provide a platform for the development of occupation path for employees;

Job vacancy give priority to the employees for employees, according to the requirement and personal occupation career planning, equal participation in the competition;

Internal competition to achieve the scientific allocation of human resources and staff of the company’s development of harmony and unity.

Multi skilled talents cultivating highly skilled talents

The age of the Internet management personnel training

The company internal and external training mechanism (40%), an important post rotation work (20%), the Department Manager / Leader (40%)

Frontline staff, deputy to pull assembly leader, director, elongating, Department Manager

PQC - IPQC/OQC - quality leader, director of quality assurance, quality assurance manager

Die, die, die master apprentice, Senior Tooling, tooling chief

General workers, skilled workers, technicians and senior technicians chief technician